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UNIGIT is an universal rigorous grating solver based on the RCWA, C-method (coordinate transformation) and the RF (Rayleigh-Fourier) method. There are four different solvers implemented:

- RCWA/RF based for 1D classical mount;
- RCWA/RF based for 1D conical mount;
- RCWA/RF based for 2D +accelerators ;
- C-method based for non-parallel multilayer gratings.

All installation packages of UNIGIT can be run as Demo's with reduced functionality - see download page.


PDF: Flyer


UNIGIT flyer for a quick overview


UNIGIT version v.2.01.03 is available now. Its main additional features are a genuine C-method based solver for multilayer 1D gratings with non-parallel interfaces, the Unigit project mode to retrieve information of older computations, fast diffraction angles computation and a new file controlled flexible looping (all features have been available from version 2.01.02). In addition, version 2.01.03 offers parallel looping (multi-threading) on multi-core machines and a symmetry accelerator for symmetric 2D setups. Please ask for a quotation.

PDF: Flyer

Documentation for version 2.01.03 & 2.01.02

UNIGIT help for Vista and Windows 7 can be reactivated by downloading the Winhlp32.exe from Microsoft Support .

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